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Series from Orca Book Publishers

ORCA ECHOES  Reading Level: 2.0  Interest Level: 7–9

Orca Echoes are lively, entertaining short chapter books aimed at readers between ages seven and nine. These popular classroom favorites are well suited for social responsibility and character building programs. View complete series information.

ORCA YOUNG READERS  Reading Level: 2.0–4.0  Interest Level: 8–11

Orca Young Readers are award-winning, bestselling chapter books for ages 8-11. Titles in this series include historical and contemporary stories with age-appropriate plots. View complete series information.


Orca Footprints are nonfiction books for young readers. Kids today inhabit a world full of complex—and often mystifying—environmental issues. The Footprints series aims to help kids answer their questions about the state of the natural world with well-researched, simply-expressed information and powerful images. View complete series information.

This series has a dedicated website. Read sample chapters, download common core correlations and more at


Award-winning authors dig deep into the cultures that shaped them as they connect with and explain traditions that have nourished and supported people for centuries. Rich personal stories, carefully-researched history, gorgeous photos (and some delicious recipes), the Orca Origins provide vital connections to the magnificent diversity of our modern world. View complete series information.

This series has a dedicated website. Learn more about the authors, view images and more at

ORCA LIMELIGHTS  Interest Level: 11–14

Orca Limelights is an ongoing series of performing arts novels. Each book focuses on one performing art, such as music, theater, dance, circus, slam poetry, magic or stand-up comedy. View complete series information.

ORCA CURRENTS  Reading Level: 2.0–4.5  Interest Level: 10–14

Orca Currents are short high-interest novels with contemporary themes, written expressly for middle-school students reading below grade level. View complete series information.

ORCA SPORTS  Reading Level: 2.0–4.5  Interest Level: 10+

Perfect for reluctant teen readers, the Orca Sports titles combine mystery and adventure with team sports such as hockey, baseball, football and soccer, and solo sports like scuba diving, running, sailing, horse racing and even race-car driving. Orca Sports books engage young readers with exciting plots and easy-to-read language. View complete series information.

ORCA SOUNDINGS  Reading Level: 2.0–4.5  Interest Level: 12+

With contemporary themes and exciting stories, the Orca Soundings for reluctant teen readers are books that teens want to read. The Orca Soundings Resource Guide, now available on CD, provides information on using the books in this popular series as part of a literacy program. View complete series information.

RAPID READS  Reading Level: 2.0–6.0

In our increasingly fast-paced world we believe there is a need for well-written, well-told books that can be read in one sitting. Rapid Reads are short books for adult readers. They are intended for a diverse audience, including ESL students, reluctant readers, adults who struggle with literacy and anyone who wants a high-interest quick read. View complete series information.

This series has a dedicated website. Read sample chapters, download reading guides and more at

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